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Medical Travel Case

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MDF Instruments Travel Case Main MDF Instruments Travel Case Main

Simplicity is the Ultimate

Leonardo da Vinci


MDF Instruments For Any Office MDF Instruments For Any Office


Whether your practice takes you to a hospital, an office, an ambulance, a school, on the road or to another country, this travel case keeps your med-life secure and ready to go.

MDF Instruments Always Protected MDF Instruments Always Protected


MDF Instruments Zipper MDF Instruments Zipper


The zipper is designed with industrial strength construction and cover with a double-fold protection sleeve.

MDF Instruments On the Go MDF Instruments On the Go


You’ve got a busy, complicated life. The MDF® hard case makes it a little simpler. Use the oversized design to have all your work essentials in one place so it can quickly be put into your bag or backpack.

MDF Instruments Organized MDF Instruments Organized


Keep your stethoscopes, sphygs, reflex hammers, penlights, surgical scissors and more, secure with the compression mesh pouch and nylon strap.

MDF Instruments Universal MDF Instruments Universal


The MDF Medical Travel Case is designed to fit all MDF portable devices as well as comparable stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors and reflex hammers.

MDF Instruments Since 1971 MDF Instruments Since 1971


We have been crafting stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, and neurological hammers since 1971, and with our passion and commitment to quality and innovation, we can say that we are probably the best in the world at what we do. We are also proud to mention that we are the official long-term supplier of medical instruments to well-known NGOs and world health organizations.

MDF Instruments We are Activists MDF Instruments We are Activists

We Are



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With an insistence on quality and a constant focus on innovation, we strive to deliver first-class instruments that lead the industry in accuracy, safety, and cutting-edge design. Look for these patented features on our stethoscopes:

  • ErgonoMaxTM headset: Pat. No. ZL 200820155127.0
  • X-configuration tubing: Pat. No. ZL 200820151419.7
  • ProCardialTM C3 chestpiece: Pat. No. ZL 2011 2 0200178.2
  • SafetyLockTM eartip adaptors: Pat. No. ZL 201020279423.9
  • SoundTightTM GLS Acoustic Valve: Pat. No. ZL 201020279428.1
  • MDF® 740 Pulse TimeTM with timepiece: Pat. No. ZL 201030027143.4
  • Lightweight ProCardial-ERATM chestpiece with dual output valve:


Accuracy is a constant focus in the medical instrumentation arena. The quest to improve functionality, acoustic sensitivity, precision, and performance is a driving force at the heart of the industry. MDF® instruments is more keenly aware of this challenge than most, with research and innovation at the very core of our business, since this is the future of the medical instruments industry. We are always planning for the future—developing the technical solutions that will lead to the next generation of instruments for improved diagnosis and wellness.


MDF® Instruments stethoscopes have been handcrafted in the MDF® artisan tradition since 1971. They are super-duty, high-performance medical tools that meet the toughest requirements of precision and accuracy.


We are insistent on delivering first-class instruments, because quality is the key to all that is significant in our line of work. From conception through the final stage of assembly, our crafters' hands and traditional tools are supplemented by advanced technology. Each instruments is handcrafted and rigorously examined under the stringent scrutiny of state-of-the-art quality mechanisms. But regardless of the latest quality control systems we employ, before each instruments receives the MDF® Seal of Quality, we simply ask ourselves: *Is this good enough for my family?*


MDF® instruments are super-duty, high-performance medical tools that meet the toughest requirements of precision and accuracy. We apply advanced technological developments and use the best materials for our instruments. Our designers and engineers couple the latest technologies with a unique working process to foster a traditional yet innovative approach. We select both conventional and avant garde materials to ensure durability and reliability. Our instruments are immediately recognizable as simple yet distinctive—a unique combination of functionality and performance.


Designed to satisfy the senses, MDF® instruments are sleek in design and truly functional—the hallmarks of MDF® creations. Our instruments are distinctive, with classical roots and modern touches. In everything from the individual components to colors selections, MDF® believes in innovation and aesthetics that translate a strong identity of design and style. These distinctive characteristics contribute to the functionality and performance of our instruments.